“Para Sempre” wins two awards

“Para Sempre” wins two awards

The telenovela “Para Sempre”, produced by Plural Entertainment, won the award for best telenovela at the Venice TV Awards, which recognize the best television products of the year.

After being nominated for an International Emmy Award, “Para Sempre” is in direct competition with telenovelas from Brazil and Turkey. Plural Entertainment is the European production company most often nominated in the Telenovela category at the International Emmy Awards. Created by André Ramalho, directed by Francisco Antunez and produced by Ana Almeida, this telenovela not only won over the Portuguese public, but was also honored by a prestigious international panel of judges.

The winners of the most important international television awards will be announced on November 20th at a ceremony in New York.

At the Venice Tv Awards, “Rua das Flores” and “Festa é Festa – season 3”, produced by Plural Entertainment Portugal, also received a nomination in the Telenovela category, but it was “Para Sempre” that won the award. With this victory in one of the most important international television competitions, Plural is taking another step towards internationalizing its fiction products.

“Para Sempre” featured Diogo Morgado, Inês Castel-Branco, António Capelo, Marina Mota, Matilde Mello Breyner, Pedro Sousa, Patrícia Tavares, Mafalda Marafusta, Paulo Pires, Sara Prata, Madalena Aragão and Sofia Grillo, among many others. This telenovela tells the story of Pedro who, with a mysterious past and abandoned as a child outside a church, discovers that his mother was rich and had no apparent reason for abandoning him. Finding her becomes his greatest purpose, but the key to the secret lies with the man who raised him.