Plural produces “Dancing with the Stars”

Plural produces “Dancing with the Stars”

Ten years after the premiere of the first edition of “Dança com as Estrelas” (“Dancing with the Stars”), Portugal is once again dancing to the hit show, now broadcast on Saturdays on TVI.

Cristina Ferreira and Bruno Cabrerizo lead the show, which features the emblematic Mr. Alberto, Alexandra Lencastre and Cifrão as judges.

Miguel Cristovinho, Miguel Nunes, Joana de Verona (a TVI actress who took part in the Emmy-winning telenovela “Ouro Verde”), Nélson Évora, Ana Guiomar, Ana Malhoa, Liliana Santos, Luisinha Oliveira, Raquel Tillo, Bernardo Sousa and Tiago Carreira are among the contestants on the new edition.

The studios are based at Plural Entertainment, as is the entire production of the program. The set was produced by EPC.

Don’t miss “Dança Com as Estrelas”, every Saturday on TVI.