“Festa é Festa” – New residents

“Festa é Festa” – New residents

The new season of Festa é Festa will premiere in January and will be reinforced by four new names who will bring more problems to Bela Vida.

Gabanna, played by Bruno Cabrerizo, will be the new assistant coach of the field hockey team, but he doesn’t know much about the sport.

António Melo will be Delfim, an acquaintance from Bino and Quina’s village. He had a childhood crush on Quina. He also has an addiction to gambling, particularly cards.

Cristina Oliveira will play Guida, Delfim’s wife and a true Lisboner, who goes to the village to take advantage of her retirement and do everything she hasn’t done in her life.

Rufino (Carlos Cunha) is Lenita’s ex-husband and comes to the village after his ex-wife.

The four reinforcements of Festa é Festa are already recording the new season, which promises to offer plenty of adventure and madness.