Cast of “Festa é Festa”records at Aquashow

Cast of “Festa é Festa”records at Aquashow

The most known residents of “Aldeia da Bela Vida” embarked on a new adventure and headed south, where they were recording in Algarve.

Ana Guiomar, Pedro Teixeira, Ana Brito e Cunha, Pedro Alves, Silvia Rizzo and Manuel Marques animated the AquaShow water park like never before. The cast went through several attractions and the fun, in fact, was not missing.

On May 10, TVI’s Entertainment and Fiction Department was present at the recordings, and they were able to watch the recordings and keep in touch with the cast of the novel that makes the Portuguese people have the most fun.

Tormented by the presence of El Cacto, Bino, Tomé and Nando come to the conclusion that in order not to be discovered it is best to stay away from the village for a while longer. Out of this fear, they come up with the idea of spending the summer vacations with their wives at the AquaShow in Algarve.

Soon you can watch all the adventures of this new adventure!